Jim Vossen was born and raised in San Francisco on December 30th, 1949. Throughout most of his life Jim has been an entreprenure. At the age of 16, in 1966, he developed an automotive burglar alarm system. It wouldn't be until 1978 that his car burglar alarm took off big. For the next 5 years Vossenova Burglar Alarms, For Cars, Vans & Trucks, would be responcible for the sale and installation of over 4,500 car burglar alarms, 4,000 of those on BMW's.

​During the years of 1970 through 1995, Jim owned a delivery business in the financial district of San Francisco, owned a music store in Daly City which he moved to Pacifica and turned it into a pinball arcade. In 1975 Jim got involved with a public access television station in Pacifica where he did a video radio show on Friday and Saturday nights from 7PM to 11PM for about 4 years. While Jim had been a closet DJ for about 20 years, this was his debut into the real world of radio and television broadcasting.

In 1995 as Jim went through a divorce, ending a 25 year marriage, he moved to Walnut Creek and to help bring his spirits up got involved with AM radio station KATD. He brokered an 'oldies show' on Friday and Saturday nights from 10:00PM to 3:00AM in the morning which he called 'The Vossenova Show'. He did that until the year 2000 when the station got sold to a Spanish network. In 2003 Jim moved down to the Monterey area where he got involved with radio station AM1240 KNRY. He eventually managed the station until it was sold in 2011 to a religious group. During that time and until recently Jim has also been involved with television in various ways. Since 2011 Jim has been the manager of the Seaside and Sand City Chambers of Commerce. In January of 2019 Jim partnered with Gary Cocola, of Cocola Broadcasting and the Seaside and Sand City Chambers of Commerce to build an over the air and Internet streaming television station called KMBY. The station is located in the Chamber office at 505 Broadway Avenue in the City of Seaside in California.

Jim is taking what he has learned along with other experts he has met to build the Jim Vossen School Of Broadcasting.
Check out: www.JimVossen.com​​

​To be continued....

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